Older Peoples Care Homes

Care Home provision in Sheffield forms an integral part of the Health and Social Care vision for the city. The focus remains on delivering, and continuing to improve, services that keep people well in the place they call home, help reduce unnecessary hospital admissions and reduce the time people must stay in hospital when they are deemed well enough to leave. We believe Care Homes are there to recognise and support individuality, culture, and difference, to allow people choice and control over their life, support people to have a purpose and be able to contribute and support the person to continue with their network of contacts and embrace their position as part of a local geographical or community of interest. We will ensure the care and support that people receive in care homes is personalised, promotes independence, wellbeing, and quality of life. Our vision for care homes is aligned with the Vision for Adult Social Care

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Key Info

Organisation: Sheffield City Council

Deadline: 03/02/2029

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