Monthly Grant and Tender Writing Support

Imagine having a team of grant and tender writing experts on hand to quickly respond to a grant or tender opportunity and meet that deadline.

If you don’t have the time or in-house resource to find, write or win opportunities our Grant and Tender Writing Support service is perfect for you.  Starting from only £395 + VAT per month you will have guaranteed access to our highly skilled team to give you the best chance of winning that opportunity.

Benefits include:

  • Guaranteed resource
  • On-call expert service
  • No additional charges per tender
  • Significantly cheaper than pay as you go
  • Ability to finance projects through grants to grow and improve your organisation
  • Taking the hassle and time out of finding and writing bids for your organisation
  • Stress free approach to meeting deadlines
  • Being able to grow your business through new contract wins

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Audit / Review of past bidsFind out why you have been successful or unsuccessful in the past and what you can do moving forward to change this.
Tender Ready ReviewEnsure your business is ready for the next tender opportunity by having all necessary information and documentation prepared. You end up with a library of material that you can use in future applications.
Portal Set UpWe set you up on the tender and/or grant portals relevant to your organisation. This way you will find out about any opportunities so you can decide whether or not you want to apply.
Tender IdentificationWe find a minimum of 6 tender opportunities relevant for your business throughout the year.
Grant IdentificationWe find a minimum of 6 grant opportunities relevant for your organisation throughout the year.
Pre application adviceIf you choose to write the application yourself we can provide you with advice prior to you starting to write to ensure you have the best possible chance with your application
Grants ReviewA review of what grants are available and applicable for your organisation.
Funding Review calenderSpecific to your organisation, letting you know what’s available and when you should apply. This follows on from the funding review.
Tender checkingIf you have written the tender, we can check it for you to maximise your chances of success. This also involves editing the text to improve the response and also identifying gaps in information to ensure a complete response. We often do this twice per bid to ensure that the areas of weakness identified are improved in the second draft.
Tender writingIf you don’t have time to write the application, we can do it for you. This ensures your time is spend working on other things within the business, leaving tender writing to the experts.
Grant writingSave your own time writing bids and leave it to the experts. We will ensure your bid tells the providers exactly what they want to hear.
Staff workshopYou may have a team of people that you want to develop and upskill in the tender or grant writing process.
Mentoring / CoachingWe can work with a member of your team to coach and mentor them to become expert bid / tender writers.
CHAS (review and application)CHAS is often is a compliance issue, meaning some tenders make it an eligibility criteria and so businesses cant bid unless they have it.
Policies and ProceduresThere are standard policies and procedures that are often required as part of an application. Ensuring these are developed means you are tender ready.
Business Continuity PlanLarger tender contracts require a business to have a continuity plan we can help with this to ensure you have the best chance possible of a winning application.
Business PlanWhen applying for larger grants and tenders there is occasionally a need to showcase your business plan.

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